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March 19, 2012
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Ukrainian Heraldic by AtreJane Ukrainian Heraldic by AtreJane
Heraldic Symbols of Ukraine-Rus poor country.. :XD:
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AlexTJ10 Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Student Artist
Kolorowo :)
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AtreJane Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it is true... And all because police betrayed!..Police helped to criminal group/ If Police worked as police, everything could be good here. Also the government is too tolerant..They are afraid to give the order to destroy criminal group as terrorists...As result, criminal groups thinks that our government is weak...And as we see, criminal took the control in too regions on the east...
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AtreJane Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Right Sector is just mostly youth of the age 18-22.. Many of them even have never seen the guns... All they can do to make molotov. 
And yeah, if they do not help, and do not make the police's work, all cities would drown in criminal, not only the East. Thanks to them somehow there is a peace in the cities, at least we are not afraid to walk  in the evening.
Don't watch Russia today too much. Because if you watch Russian knews, you will believe that right sector is army, and it is bigger than army of China.

p.s. Right sector in Ukraine is childish parody to IRRA.  They even did not go to the East to help, when there terrorists appears. 
nichibutsu Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
it seems this interim government has a big problem containing these rowdy Sektor boys...

so, you dismantled all police forces in Kiev, and you let these rogue, power-hungry and xenophobic thugs took control of the city? I get it...
AtreJane Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Man, who has told you that Right sector is rogue, power-hungry and xenophobic? Russian TV? 
They are normal unions of youth, who tries to protect people and country. 
There are even ukrainian jews in Right Sector. RS is the union of many nations btw..THere are armenians, tatars, ukrainians, poles, etc in right sector. They are not nazis and chauvinists, not monsters or smth. Their idea is patriotism and the respect to the human rights.
Not all Police is shit. Part of them are patriots. But now they have not enough people to stop the anarchy. And the boys of RS help them. 

I can not understand, or you are russian, who trolls me, or you are blind human, if you don't believe me. Because I know better what is happening inside my country.
here it is the pro-russian groups on the East (video of today)……

Here is the aggressive groups in the cities of the south (photos from Odesa, when these people attacked the march of football fans):………

here you can see the russian flags on them:…

here one of them attacked the man in the park:………

The video of them:……

I guess, these photos and videos are shown by russia as Right Sector... that is why everyone think that RS is smth terrible.

here is police 
betrayal btw. They protect of these assaulters:…

As Result 5 people were killed and many were injured in that conflict:…

here is video of first victim of these attacks:…;

Here is real right sector:…………………

Here is the boys from right sector helped to save people from the burning house in Odessa:……………

I guess, if you watch the live broadcasts of all events in Ukraine through internet, you would understand the real situation.
Anyway... I've tried to explain you the reality in my country. It is you way to believe me or to the TV and Russian point of view. 
I want to say only one:
I don't understand these position, that Ukraine is guilty. 
Ukraine protects itself, Ukraine does not put her nose into other countries and does not try to take the some territories from the neighbours. Ukraine did not annex the foreign territories as did Russia, and does not want to give any more of its territories to Russia. 
So what the problem, man? We have no rights to protect ourselves? We have to let pro-russian troops with weapon to beat ands kill us , to let them to separate our territories to the Russia. 
I guess? the position of Russia is false from the beginning. If they did not enter into our life, these all would never be in our country. We peacefully elect the new president and continue to fight with corruption for better life. 
So we have the right to protect ourselves. In contrary of USA, we have no right for the weapon. Our police mostly protect strange armed troops and groups. And we can not understand the reason. Who pay them for such behaviour.  So people protect themselves in different way. And I am thankful to the Right Sector, that they somehow protect us and try to stop these armed groups in the cities. Even when many of them die.

p.s. the first victim in Odesa, that was killed by the shot was the boy from Right Sector. The pro-russian assaulter shot his head. 

That is all. Thank you and good bye 
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AtreJane Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
At lasst I've got the proof, that you are stupid troll. THank you 
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