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October 9, 2012
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Hetalia FanArt: Polish-Ukrainian Relations by AtreJane Hetalia FanArt: Polish-Ukrainian Relations by AtreJane

Artist Comment:

So. At last I have ended this Work. I have lost about 6 months. Don't ask me why I was so slow... You see, I did not want to be in hurry.
The main aim of this work: I wanted to try to draw smth without any use of textures, ornaments etc.. You know... The Art is considered as high level art only when the artist uses his hands, without using of different textures and other shit in the work.
So I tried to check my level. I guess I had success. Everything is made by my hands, even ornament on the dress and flowers, and water, and sky.. :D
So now I should to learn to draw poses and architecture without using of tutorials, photos etc.
The Dress of Ukraine exists in Reality. This is the work of Ukrainian Designer Oksana Polonec: [link] [link]

Historical part

Polish - Ukrainian Friendship
Chronology of the relationships and some short main facts in the relations:

1. Poland and Ukraine were born on the base of the Slavic tribe named “Polans”
Poland: West Polans and union of neighboring tribes
Ukraine: East Polans and union of neighboring tribes

2. Marriage of Kyivan Grand Prince Swiatopolk 1 and Polish Princess the daughter of Polish King Boleslaw 1 the Brave. (XI century)

3. Wars between Poland and Ukraine occurred in the 1340s after the royal line in Ukraine failed. The King of Poland wishing to rule both countries.

4. 1349 - 1501 Part of Ukraine became Polish property.

4. 1501 - 1654 the Union of Ukraine and Poland under polish Crown in Commonwealth between GDL and Poland.
These union is remembered by conflicts and peaceful interludes, common wars against Turkey, Russia etc and wars between each other of course (uprisings in Ukraine).

5. XVIII century Ukraine and Poland lost their freedom and were divided.
Poland was divided between Prussia, Austria, Russia.
Ukraine was divided between Austria and Russia.

6. XVIII - XX century Ukraine and Poland fought for freedom with each others support.
This fight was interspersed with peaceful interludes and conflicts between Poles and Ukrainians :

7. XX century - 1989 year.
Poland got Independence and had great conflict with Ukraine again because the Polish tried to rebuild a Union with Ukraine.
1918-1919 - First Polish-Ukrainian Conflict because of West Ukraine and East Poland (Territorial disputes)
On April 1920 an alliance was made between Poland and Ukraine against Bolshevik Russia.
1942-1947 - Second Polish-Ukrainian Conflict because of West Ukraine and East Poland (Territorial disputes)

Eventually both countries were taken forcibly under control of the USSR .
Ukraine was absorbed into the USSR. Poland was notionally kept as independent country.

8. September 1989 year
The plenipotentiary of Polish Government came to Kyiv with the aim of rebuilding the relationships between the two countries. Since then there has been peace between the two countries.

9. 1991 year
Poland was the FIRST country that accepted Ukrainian Independence.

9. Nowadays
Poland is one country that supports Ukraine unconditionally. Poland actively protects Ukraine on an international level and protects Ukraine from Russian aggression e.g. the accusations about stealing Gas (as it was in first part of 2012) That is why nowadays Poland is called the counsellor of Ukraine in EU

10. In 2012
the Polish -Ukrainian relationships grew stronger.
The different social polls in Ukraine shows that more and more Ukrainians began to see an ally in Poland.
Poland is one country that punishes its people if they display prejudice towards Ukrainians (Ukrainophobia)

p.s. Polish and Ukrainian language have 65% (by other information 70%) of common Vocabulary.
(Between Russian and Ukrainian is only 63% of common vocabulary)

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